In the Netherlands

Stichting Global Academy is registered in KVK in Amsterdam. Global Academy has various programmes in Amsterdam. We raise funds in the Netherlands to run the projects in the Netherlands and in developing countries. The following are the projects in the Netherlands. 

These arethe proposed activities:

  1. Primary School Children
    • After -school activities: Talent Development programmes, socialization, sports, competition
  2. Secondary School children:
    • After-school activities: talent programmes, socialization, sports, competition,
    • Weekend School: ICT programme, STEM programme, young scientists programme, etc
  3. Youths under 27Age:
    • IEC (Information, Education and Communication) for Education and Work
    • Technical Education and Vocational Training for work
  4. Senior Citizens:
    • Socialization: Knowing each other, organizing festivals, etc
    • Local tours: Zoos, Museums, etc
    • Barbeque: summer barbeque, etc
    • Senior citizen facilitation: Seniors facilitation programme with cultural programme
  5. Short Courses:
    • Short courses for the Dutch and non-Dutch people on development issues, like water, gender, children, reproductive health, public health etc.
    • Organize Summer courses on various topics
  6. Netherlands Language :
    • Basic Nederlands language course for women in Amsterdam is started from Sept. 2019. It is focused on Nepalese women living in Amsterdam. The course is on Every Monday, and Tuesday. Mr Harry Moeskops and Simla \Kunwar are both volunteer Teachers.
  7. Counseling and Advise:
    • Stichting provides counseling and Advise for those who need support.
  8. Small Business Promotion for Women in Amsterdam