About US

General information

The Stichting Global Academy is registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam under reference number 34109820

The Fiscal/RSIN number of the Global Academy is 808449254

Bank no. NL 53 INGB 0006 9092 49 . BIC Code: INGBNL2A.

The office of the Global Academy located at Semarangstraat 33F, 1095 GB Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Global Academy has been marked by the Belastingdienst (tax authority) as Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling – ANBI (translates to Public Benefit Organisation ) . Please refer it in Downloads.

Management Board

The Global Academy has a Statutory Management Board who has the ultimate responsibility for the policy and realization of the foundation’s objectives and activities. The following persons are in the Management Board of the Stichting Global Academy:

  • Ramesh Chandra Devkota – President
  • Patiksha Pokhrel – Treasurer
  • Bimala Sheikh – Secretary

The Management Board has authorized Mr. Ramesh Chandra Devkota to act as the Director of the organization to represent various authorities for the operational purposes and he is also the President of the organization.

Remuneration policy
Members of the Board of the Global Academy do not receive any salaries. They may receive a compensation in accordance with the sectoral projects, per meeting and travels. Furthermore, activities outside of the supervisory responsibilities compensation of made expenses can be reimbursed.

The employees of the Global Academy receive a salary in accordance with the operational programme activities.

Mission and Objectives

An description of the objective and mission of the Global Academy are as follows:


  • Develop the capabilities of the people both in the Netherlands and abroad( Nepal).
  • Develop the capabilities of the people and produce technical manpower as per the changing nature of the World.


Carry out project activities both in the Netherlands and abroad (if financial resources are available):

  • Launch various activities targeting to children, youths and senior people with special focus on girls and women
  • Support / sponsor girls and women for developing their potentials through education and training
  • Offer financial support for economic development activities
  • Provide humanitarian activities for both undocumented and documented people
  • Create employment opportunities

Policy Plan (2020 – 2025)

The Global Academy grants financial support to projects, organizations, or individuals that contribute to the realization of her objectives. This support can persist in a subsidy, a loan, or another form of investment.

Besides the regular grant policy, the foundation is open to collaboration with organizations and initiatives outside of the Netherlands, whose objectives fit those of the foundation. The foundation’s policy is recalibrated on a regular basis to be able to response to current events or developments.

For details of the Policy plan (Beleidsplan 2020 – 2025) and current report is referred in downloads.


For the years 2020 – 2025, the Global Academy has proposed a budget with an amount of €500.000,-  for granting financial support to projects in developing countries. This Academy will mobilizes funds from various donor organizations on a project basis.

Governance Code

The Global Academy drafted a governance code, which has been underlined and signed by the Supervisory Board and the director. In addition to these statutes, this code indicates ways in which the director and the Supervisory Board should function. The code also contains regulations regarding conflicts of interest, that states that the director or the Supervisory Board will not participate in the discussion and decision making regarding topics in which they might have a conflict of interest.

Financial Policy

The policy of investment from the Global Academy is mainly focused on maintaining its the foundation’s capital. The capital gains are employed to realize the objectives of the foundation. Depending on the gains, the investment budget might vary on a yearly basis. If the results disappoint, the Global Academy is willing to (temporarily) use into her capital, to be able to keep realizing her objectives.

Annual Financial Statement

The financial statements by the Global Academy are drafted by H. K. Blasting Kantor Amsterdam and the financial statements are audited. The abbreviated ‘costs and benefits’ can be found in Downloads.